Apple iMac 2017 News & Updates: AMD Ryzen To Power New Apple Computers

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Apple iMac 2017

It may sound ludicrous, but there is a chance Apple will approach AMD for the iMac 2017. The company has released its newest and baddest line of processor to date. The new AMD Ryzen represents AMD?s new design architecture that features much improvements compared to its predecessor.

So far, AMD has checked two of the most important parameters the Apple normally looks at for a product. First of which is performance. Based on the tests showed during the AMD Ryzen announcement, the chip can actually perform. With its base frequency set to normal, the AMD chip has as much processing power as an Intel i7-6900K chip. To anyone who speaks geek, this is pretty impressive.

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The second parameter is energy efficiency. Over the years, many PC enthusiasts have known AMD processors to generate enough thermal power to heat an entire house. Now, the upcoming AMD Ryzen processor is actually 30 percent more energy efficient than Intel?s top tier chip. In a normal operation, an Intel i7-6900K will run at 135W or even beyond that when overclocked. AMD?s new chip, packing an 8-core 16-thread architecture, runs at a much cooler 95W TDP.

AMD’s Current FX Processor (via

Anyone who knows Apple would also know that this performance feat will surely not go unnoticed. The tech giant has been know to select the best performing components with the least power requirement for its products.

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Because of these two main reasons, Apple might consider having an AMD chip inside an iMac 2017 on its release. In fact, Apple already made a switch to AMD in terms of its GPU years ago. For a long time, Apple used NVIDIA-based GPUs to power its graphics. But when it released the Mac Pro in 2013, it showcased the AMD FirePro 300 and 500. It was then followed by the iMac 2014 with the AMD Radeon R9 M290X. Even the new MacBook Pro 2016 has the AMD Radeon Pro 450 and 455 powering the high end models.

With this in mind, Apple switching to an AMD CPU is not really that far fetched. The fact is, the switch may improve hardware performance of the iMac 2017 while driving the cost down. Whether Apple pursues this idea, it is to anyone?s guess. The Cupertino company has never been the telling type when it come to specs and information on its upcoming products.

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