Apple iMac 2017 Specs, Release Date: iMac 2017 to Remain 5K, Replacing USB with Thunderbolt 3

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Apple iMac 2017

For the past few years, it seems that Apple has been putting much of its efforts on its mobile devices. While the iPhone and iPad releases have been fairly regular, the updates on the desktop hardware have fallen short. It has been more than a year since Apple last updated the iMac. After its massive display update, none has been heard again about Apple?s all-in-one desktop computer. Now, reports suggest that Apple may be planning only minor updates on next year?s iMac 2017.

According to a leaked letter from Apple CEO, Tim Cook, the iMac is already a great desktop as it is. Because of this, many now believe that the iMac 2017 will only be getting a few small upgrades on its release.

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In a report released earlier this year, Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that Apple will definitely update the iMac next year. According to the said report, this could happen some time in the first half of next year. However, fans should not hold their breaths as Apple is not putting much of an effort on the iMac 2017.


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At most, the iMac 2017 will feature a new Intel Kaby Lake processor as previously rumored. In addition to this, storage and graphic will also be updated next year. The screen will remain as a 5K Retina display and will be for a foreseeable future. Nevertheless, the GPU will be updated with whatever AMD can provide Apple that will fit its energy and performance budget.

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There have been rumors that Apple engineers will be updating the keyboard for the iMac 2017. Since the introduction of the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro 2016, consumers wanted the same for the iMac 2017. However, it may be that Apple is using the MacBook Pro 2016 to test the reception to the Touch Bar. If all goes well, Apple might release a standalone keyboard that features the same Touch Bar as the MacBook Pro.

Another minor thing that will get an update on the iMac 2017 are the the USB ports. Since the highly controversial Thunderbolt 3, Apple is said to be replicating the same thing on the iMac 2017. Anyone considering to buy an iMac next year could do some preparation by replacing all accessories to USB Type-C.

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