Apple iMac 2017 Specs, Updates: Why Next Year’s iMac Will Be Boring

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Apple iMac 2017

Since the introduction of the 5K display on the iMac a couple of years ago, the desktop remained the same. To date, it is still that big hunk of aluminum floating on what seemingly looks like a flimsy stand. To add insult to injury, Apple gave the iMac just a few bumps on the specs and called it a day. Now, rumor has it that the next iMac, the iMac 2017, will feature minute improvements compared to the previous model.

According to a recent article from Bloomberg, Apple still has plans on releasing the iMac 2017 next year. However, fans may not see much difference as it will not include significant changes at all.

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The best feature of an iMac is its display. Right now, the smaller version supports 4K native resolution while the bigger one is 5K. Putting everything into perspective, the 5K display offers twice as much pixels than its predecessor. While that may seem impressive, it will take many years before Apple updates this feature. Because of this, there may only be a few hardware items that can be upgraded on the iMac 2017.

Apple iMac

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First and foremost, the processor is rumored to be the newest Intel chip, the Kaby Lake. A lot of people are now putting much praise on the upcoming chip. However, this is quite acceptable as the specs for the chip speak for itself. Unfortunately, this is something that is not worth getting excited about as every processor upgrade has its pros and cons.

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Another thing that is coming on the iMac 2017 is the Thunderbolt 3. This feature is natively supported by the processor. Although the speed increase is nothing short of unbelievable, the impending hardware change may not be very good at all. The newly released MacBook Pro 2016 is still receiving a lot of backlash from Mac users due to the USB Type-C ports that it sports. Many people are complaining about Apple?s decision to leave out older, legacy ports like the USB Type-B. Rumor has it that the iMac 2017 will feature the said interface and that will replace the current USB ports. This may be quite a bad news for anyone who still uses the older USB Type-B hardware.

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Finally, there is the graphics. Many iMac fans will know that Apple does not really go all out when it comes to the desktop. Anyone expecting neck-breaking graphics spec for the iMac 2017 will be sorely disappointed. At best, it may feature support for basic virtual reality (VR) gaming, according to rumors. Other than that, there is a slim chance that 4K and gaming on ultra settings will be supported.

Whether Apple will disappoint fans next year or not, perhaps it is still too soon to tell. However, many will sure be waiting when the tech giant will be releasing its upcoming hardware offering.

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