Apple iMac 2017 Specs, Rumors: Intel Xeon-based iMac 2017 Not Coming But Upgrade on 27-inch Possible?

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iMac 2017 Xeon Support

There have been rumors that the upcoming iMac 2017 will feature a server grade processor like the Intel Xeon chip. So far, as anyone would expect, these are just mere rumors. Nevertheless, perhaps there are some grains of truth in those rumors.

First of all, the only Mac in existence that uses Intel Xeon processors is the Apple Mac Pro. In comparison to an iMac, the Mac Pro is a workstation grade computer and not just a normal desktop computer. Because of this, the performance disparity between the two is quite wide.

The reasoning behind an iMac sporting a Xeon processor is the fact that Kaby Lake and Skylake processors share the same socket standard. Both line of processors use the LGA-1151 socket standard for CPU to motherboard interconnect. This would mean that, a motherboard with an LGA-1151 socket will be able to host either a Kaby Lake of Sky Lake processor.

Intel Xeon Processor

Intel Xeon Processor (via

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Since the Kaby Lake and Skylake are practically ?brothers?, a rationale exists that one can use either on the new iMac. With this in mind, once Apple releases the Kaby Lake iMac 2017, there is a chance that it might support Skylake Xeon as well. Perhaps this is why some would think that Apple might bump the iMac 2017 to a Xeon chip.

Unfortunately, this frame of mind is somewhat too distant from Apple?s frame of mind. This is due to the fact that the iMac 2017 is too mainstream. Its target are those people or professionals that do medium-load processing like photo editing. Meanwhile, the Mac Pro is mainly used on scientific tasks that require lengthy calculations like 3D rendering.

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Even if the iMac 2017 does not come pre-built with a Xeon processor, there still might be a chance to upgrade its processor. Although upgrading is practically against Apple?s marketing principle, there are still some products that can be upgraded. For instance, the 27-inch iMac.

Unlike its smaller brother, the 27-inch version?s CPU and other bits are not soldered directly onto the logic board. Some owners are able, with enough guts and elbow grease, to swap SSDs and even a processor on the iMac. There were reports of users upgrading and i5-based iMac to an Intel i7 chip.

That being said, the compatibility between the Kaby Lake and Skylake may bring upgrading to a Xeon on an iMac possible. However, one must note that in order for this to work, firmware or the operating system should be able to support the said upgrade.

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