Apple, HTC, Samsung prices keep rising

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A smartphone now costs a lot.
A smartphone now costs a lot.

A smartphone now costs a lot.

With Apple?s iPhone6 now pegged at AUD999, with other market leaders Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at AUD949 and HTC?s One M9 at AUD1099, the prices of smart phones have steadily increased over time.

Historical Pricing of Smartphones

In 2011, when the iPhone4 was launched, the price of a unit was only at USD799, while Samsung?s Galaxy Note 3 was pegged at USD899 when it first hit the market. What is causing the rising prices in smart phones throughout the world?

In Australia, one tech retailer has narrowed down the cause for the continued increase in the price of CEO Ruslan Cogan identified the continued decline of the Australian dollar as well as the knowledge upheld by technology manufacturers that customers are willing to pay more in return for more value.

Why Smartphones in Australia Prices Increase

In an interview, Kogan detailed, ?As more and more people realize the benefits that they can have from technology, their expectation of features keeps improving. Whereas a few years ago, people would have thought it was ludicrous to spend AUD1000 on a smartphone, it?s clear the big tech companies are realizing that people are open to the idea today.?

He added, ?People realize that with a feature-rich device, they are able to stay more connected and informed. It helps them in their jobs, and their personal lives. More and more people are seeing technology as an investment rather than an expense.?

More Phones, More Problems

Now with more and more individuals purchasing more smart phones than ever, a new environmental problem arises because of the increased accessibility and affordability of these new devices. The disposal of old mobile phones, with their heavy metals and acids into landfills are causing major issues in the environment.

There are many recommended ways to dispose of old mobile phones, according to a leading Australian news service website for environmental industry. Foremost amongst the recommendations is the recycling of old mobile phones and accessories.

The Recommended Way to Dispose of Old Phones

According to the Recycling Manager for MobileMuster, ?E-waste is increasingly a concern within Australia, growing three times faster than any other waste issue, and businesses play a pivotal role in tackling the problem head on.?

To address this, the plan pushed forth for use in everyone?s daily lives is to make the waste visible for all, communicate the benefits of recycling, provide incentives to those who participate and ask expert help on the best way to transport and store old mobile phones.

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