Apple & Google Fighting Over Basis Science

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Apple & Google Fighting Over Basis Science


Tech behemoths Apple Inc. (AAPL) and Google Inc. (GOOG) have always competed on a number of fronts and tech industry watchers have enjoyed pitting them against each other as often as possible.

The latest news to come out from the business and technology grapevine is that Google and Apple are once again in a serious fight. This time, over the maker of ?Basis?, a health tracker smartwatch.

The company, called Basis Science, reportedly marketed itself to several giant tech outfits aside from Google and Apple. They were noted to have approached Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd (KRX:005935) and Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) as well.


All these companies have indicated their interest for Basis Science but tech pundits have narrowed down the fight to Google and Apple.

No dollar amount has been mentioned but analysts estimate that the going price for the purchase of Basis Science will probably reach the ?sub-hundred million? level. Basis Science is currently backed by a number of investors that are eager to make a ?small? profit from the sale to either Apple or Google.

More than US$ 30 Million Dollars have been poured into Basis Science by venture capitalists such as Intel Capital, Northwest Venture Partners, and Mayfield Fund.

Analysts note that even if the sale of Basis Science does not push through, the company can easily get additional funding to further develop its already impressive product line. Its line of smart-watches that track fitness and health is reputed to have the most accurate data collected when compared against other competing smart-watches.


Experts add however that in order for Basis to be a dominant brand in the fitness market, it needs big companies like Apple, Google, Samsung or Microsoft to improve upon its design ( described as ?awkward? by some) and provide ample distribution and technical support.

Most interesting to observers is the interest of Apple in Basis Science, considering the rumors of an Apple ?iWatch? name that has been trademark registered in Japan last 2013. Reports have circulated that Apple has been testing power charging systems for a smart-watch in recent times.


Other companies have also made progress in developing a smart watch product.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear last September of 2013 and is scheduled to be coming up with the Galaxy Gear 2 very soon.

Google has also been reported to be developing a smart-watch and its interest in Basis Science is seen as a step in this direction.



Video: Basis Band Fitness Tracher (CNET / YouTube)


A spokesperson for Basis Science, Damon Miller told tech media reporters that the company could not comment on any speculation about the rumored sale of Basis Science. He added however that ? Our focus is on building the most advanced health tracker on the market.?


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