Apple Ditching MacBook Line In Favour Of iPad Pro?

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iPad Pro 2
iPad Pro

It seems that Apple is once again trying to change the way people live their lives. So much so that they even prompted an ad campaign for it. This sparked rumors that Apple is about to ditch their MacBook line of computers in favor of the new iPad Pro.

Last week, Apple released an ad with the tag line ?iPad Pro – What?s a Computer??. This ad highlights the iPad Pro as opposed to a usual computer being used in someone?s day-to-day activity. It also emphasises the advantages of an iPad Pro over a standard computer or laptop.

Perhaps the biggest question thus far is, will the iPad Pro be enough?

Rumors have it that Apple is considering changing the platform for the new iPad Pro. From the current iOS operating system, the company is planning on making a shift to a more robust MacOS 10. This is due to the fact that iOS is very limited in terms of desktop functionalities. On top of that, common desktop applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, which are ?spec-hungry?, are not readily available on an iOS device.

iPad Pro 2

Recent leaks suggest that the iPad Pro 2 is said to have better specs than the previous model. An A10X processor and adaptive display are just two of the supposed major changes to be done especially for the 12.9-inch version.

These upgrades together with the shift to MacOS 10 can lead to potential changes in the way Apple make their products. It is possible that they opt for their own A-series processors instead of the ones provided by Intel.

Whether Apple is really thinking about marketing their tablet as a mainstream gadget or not is still an unknown. Apple fans will surely have mixed feelings about this possible turn out especially those who favor the MacBook Pro. However, in terms of specs and processing power, the iPad Pro is slowly but surely blurring the line between it and the PC.

Tell us what you think about the iPad Pro replacing your laptop or PC by commenting below. Meanwhile, stay tuned to TheBitBag for more updates on the iPad Pro.

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