Apple to Ditch Touch ID Sensor on the iPhone 8; To Focus on 3D Facial Recognition and Iris Scanning

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Apple ditching Touch ID on iPhone 8 in favor of 3D facial recognition

Early this week, there were reports that Apple might completely move away with the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 8. The speculation came from renowned Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, who said that he thinks Apple will not use the said feature on the tenth anniversary iPhone.

Although what Kuo said are basically his own understanding of the situation, of course with some insider inputs, his track records are quite formidable. When it comes to predicting the next big thing about Apple products, Kuo is the person to go to.

In response to Kuo’s prediction, Bloomberg released a report of what the iPhone 8 will use instead of the Touch ID sensor. According to its sources, Apple will use facial recognition rather than the standard fingerprint sensing on the iPhone 8.

For those who are worried about the level of security, Bloomberg’s sources also claim that instead of the standard facial recognition, the Cupertino giant will employ what a newer technology which is 3D facial recognition.

Apple ditching Touch ID on iPhone 8 in favor of 3D facial recognition

Apple patent for facial recognition (via patentlyapple.com)

This type of facial recognition, the source said, is more robust and secured than 2D the facial recognition technique. Furthermore, the new technology is less susceptible to being duped by 2D images just like the one on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

In addition to the 3D facial recognition security, Apple will also use iris scanning on the iPhone 8. This security feature, just like the 3D facial recognition, will be used to make payments, unlock the phone, as well as launch secured apps.

The Bloomberg report somewhat corroborated on reports from the electronics supply chain saying Apple will delay the actual release of the iPhone 8 due to supply restrictions. At the moment, only the two LCD-type iPhones will be released during the September Apple event. The iPhone 8 release will take a bit longer as Apple is still sorting out its supply issues with the phone.

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