Apple Not Releasing Mac Pro Upgrade This Year; Promises Improvements on Next Cycle

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Apple delays Mac Pro release to 2018

For the last three years or so, the Mac Pro has basically been stagnating and needed a proper upgrade. While the design is indeed quite revolutionary, it still lagged behind in terms of performance. Furthermore, the Mac Pro is also steeply priced compared to a system with the same specifications.

The only good thing that can be taken out of this is that Apple is aware that it failed to deliver on the Mac Pro. In fact, it apologized for it in a recent roundtable discussion with a number of journalists.

According to Daring Fireball, Apple is very aware that the 2013 Mac Pro is somewhat lacking. In fact, a lot of Macintosh buyers from the previous years opted for the 5K Retina iMac rather than the Mac Pro. Because of this, Apple has dedicated a good portion of its design team for the said computer.

Mac Pro not releasing this year

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Right now, Apple is diligently redesigning the entirety of its high-end workstation. In the same article from Daring Fireball, Apple wants to design the new Mac Pro so it can be easily upgraded regularly. This means that the upcoming hardware will feature a modular design as well as a separate display specially made for it.

Unfortunately, this redesign means that Apple will need far more than a year to get its acts sorted. The best case scenario will be that Apple will release the new and improved hardware sometime next year.

In the interim, fans of the high-end workstation would have to wait a little bit longer before they get their hands on a newer and better system. Nevertheless, to make things a bit more palatable, Apple introduced a few minor upgrades on the current Mac Pro lineup.

The entry level $2,999 will now have a six-core Xeon processor instead of four cores. As well as dual AMD G500 GPUs instead of AMD G300. The mid-level version will be upgraded from six cores to eight core and a dual AMD D800 GPU instead of D500. Fore more updates on the Mac Pro, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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