Apple Cuts Civil War Games From App Store

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Civil War games removed from Apple App Store
Apple Removes Civil War Games from App Store

In a surprising patriotic move, tech mogul Apple Inc. has decided to remove all civil war games, particularly games showcasing the confederate flag, from its Apple Store. The act was the company?s statement of condemning USA?s long-standing conflict with racism.

The confederate flag is considered to be a historical symbol of the country?s dark racist history. Among the titles pulled out include: Ultimate?General: Gettysburg, Civil War: 1863, 1861 A Civil War Rebellion and Civil War the Battle Game.

According the Apple, the decision was done in accordance of their policy to reject ?apps containing references or commentary about a religious, cultural or ethnic group that are defamatory, offensive, mean-spirited or likely to expose the targeted group to harm or violence.?

The move was precedent of a tweet made Apple CEO Tim Cook, last Sunday which goes: ?My thoughts are with the victim’s families in SC.Let us honor their lives by eradicating racism & removing the symbols & words that feed it.?

From the Game Developers

The purge was also confirmed by game developer, Game-Labs, who created Ultimate General: Gettysburg. Although they support Apple?s move citing that ?this is a sensitive issue for the American Nation,? they refuse to take out the confederate flag in their game as it shows historical accuracy.

?We wanted our game to be the most accurate, historical, playable reference of the Battle of Gettysburg. All historical commanders, unit composition and weaponry, key geographical locations to the smallest streams or farms are recreated in our game’s battlefield. We receive a lot of letters of gratitude from American teachers who use our game in history curriculum to let kids experience one of the most important battles in American history from the Commander’s perspective.?

They refuse to amend the game as per Apple?s guideline that games will be reinstated as long as they remove the confederate flag in their products.

?True stories are more important to us than money,? Game-Labs said.

Apple?s decision to pullout the games was done in response to the horrific Charleston murders in South Carolina recently, which took the lives of nine African Americans who were doing church service.

The murder was committed by Dylann Roof, who admitted that he was hoping his act would start another civil war.

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