Will Apple Create the Next ?Great Tech Product??

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Will Apple Create the Next ?Great Tech Product??


June 29, 2007. The day Steve Jobs and Apple lifted the curtain on the first generation iPhone. And since then, the technology gadget industry has never been the same again.

Year after year, not only has Apple come up with a better and more amazing iPhone model, but other innovative gadgets as well, including the iPad, considered the market leader in tablets.

Seven years hence, Apple, now without the guidance of their chief innovator, Steve Jobs (Feb. 24, 1955 ? Oct. 5, 20011), is faced with doubt as their rivals have slowly inched into the usual Apple domain ? innovative and popular technological products.

Ironically, what have been the trademark features of Apple’s flagship product, the iPhone, is also the same reason why their rivals have gained ground. Apple’s refusal to manufacture mobile smartphones and tablets that are more affordable and iPhones with larger screens (think ?phablets?) is being cited by tech industry experts as the main reason for the faster growth of their competitors in the mobile arena.




Even Apple’s own investors are said to have pointed out that the company’s lack of product variety ? e.g. cheaper smartphones, larger screens ? is the cause for the lackluster sales performance in recent months as well as a dire indication that the company has lost its innovativeness and enthusiasm.

Recent market figures show that iPhone sales were less than what was expected during the Holiday period last December 2013. Even the company’s own forecast for the coming months expects a downward trend for the 1st quarter of 2014.

These developments, the first time that Apple’s quarterly income has fallen compared from the previous year (since 2003), have resulted in a drop in Apple shares by 8% this week.

In recent times, Apple’s main competitors like Samsung of South Korea, as well as other manufacturers of Android gadgets, have eaten up into the share of Apple in the smartphone and tablet market.


Video: Samsung Galaxy 5 vs. iPhone 5 (Jtech Apple TV / YouTube)



The Android devices, smartphones, tablets and ?phablets?, offer a wider variety, more affordable cost and the larger screens that Apple continues to disregard.

Ramon Llamas, an analyst at International Data Research illustrates this predicament by saying that ?Apple’s insistence on catering to the upper end of the smartphone market with only one choice of screen size is undercutting the company’s growth…..There is a gap where Apple is not playing, and it’s clear that many users want some of these other things in a phone?

Llamas added however that Apple may just be doing what it has always done. He says that ?There is clearly a standard that Apple has set for itself: Anything less than fantastic won’t do.?

With all these comments on Apple’s future, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, who has the unenviable situation of inheriting the mantle left by the charismatic Steve Jobs, held a conference with industry analysts and explained why Apple’s earnings fell short.

He reiterated however that Apple is standing by its original vision of excellence. Cook noted that ?Our objective has always been to make the best, not the most.?

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