Apple To Counter Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release With iPad Pro 2

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Apple is reportedly working on iPad Pro 2 that company could launch in 2017 to compete with Microsoft?s upcoming Surface Pro 5.

The new iPad Pro is expected to be powered by the next generation A10X processor. Apple is currently working on a new processor and it is supposed to be ready by the end of this year. If these rumors are true, then the release could happen in Spring 2017.

Recently, Apple Insider has published the images of an iPad device that the site claims to be the prototype of iPad Pro 2. However, there is no solid information that the device in the images is iPad Pro 2. The model no mentioned on the the devices MH1C2CD/F that is not assigned to any of the current or discontinued iPad model.

It is believed that the device in the images is under development as the image shows the storage of the device appears to be 12GB. None of the iPad models is available in 12GB variant. Images also show the device running iOS 10.

iOS 10 Beta 2

iOS 10

According to Appleinsider, images are originated are originated from within a Chinese supplier. If Apple is indeed working on a new device, the company will launch it to compete with its biggest rival Surface Pro.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is waiting for ?Kaby Lake? processor that is supposed to be used in Surface Pro 5. Microsoft is also supposed to launch during the same period and during the same period Microsoft will roll out the final Update for Windows 10.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is supposed to pack high-end hardware. Apart from the Kaby Lake processor, the device is supposed to have a 32GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD storage. The device is supposed to feature a 4K display with new graphics architecture to improve performance in 3D graphics and 4K video playback.

If Apple is actually planning to launch iPad Pro 2 as a competitor of Surface Pro 5, the company will put it on a high risk as Surface Pro 5 is one of the most hyped devices. Moreover, Apple is already rumored to launch iPad Mini 5 in September along with MacBook Pro 2016. Launching the device within six months of the launch of these devices will obviously affect the sales of iPad Pro 2.

Apple has not released a word about any of the these products. Readers are advised to wait for official statement.

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