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Apple Computer’s Designs, Forgotten & Remembered….

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Apple Computer’s Designs, Forgotten & Remembered….


Apple computers and digital gadgets have become such an important part of our lives that people only remember the technological breakthroughs and benefits it has provided us these past decades.

Older people (like me) remember how Apple captured the attention and admiration of the public through its innovative and aesthetically magnificent designs. This is the reason why (if the younger generation ever wonders), the Apple brand has become synonymous with top of the line product designs. And no, it did not just start with the iMacs or the iPhone.

Some of Apple’s products have even acquired ?museum? level status.

The Apple IIc (original design) was bought by New York’s Whitney Museum of Art and was also selected as Time Magazine’s Design of the Year.

Featured below are just some of the most iconic and awesome designs Apple has given us, as well as a few that were not such a hit and was eventually forgotten and ?forgiven? for even being suggested.

You be the judge……



A design proposal for a flip phone (An Apple Flip Phone???) . An interesting concept made in 1983 (Yes, more than 30 years ago) by Hartmut Esslinger and frog design inc..



Also designed by Hartmut Eslinger and frog design inc. is the 1985 prototype for the ?Baby Mac?.


The 1997 ?20th Anniversary Mac? by Jony Ive.


Also designed by Jony Ive is the eMate 300 ? circa 1997.


TouchScreenMacbook?Proposal for a MacBook ?touch-screen? in 1984 by Hartmut Esslinger and frog design inc..





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