Apple CarPlay Receiving Support from the Biggest Automakers

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Big automakers do not want to be the last in the race in revolutionizing their car dashboards with Apple?s CarPlay.? iOS users can now sync their iPhones with their car and will get to use the dash in many ways including hands-free texting or calling , access to maps, music and more voice controlled features.

Apple confirmed that CarPlay will be available this year in Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo. And persistent as ever, Apple also confirmed that nine more companies will join the integration trend including Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Mazda, and Ram. It has not been specified yet whether we will the change this year or next year. All in all there are 20 companies planning to have their car dashboards iOS-powered.

CarPlay?s features are basic but this definitely is innovation. In addition, Greg Joswiak (vice president for iPhone and iOS Product Marketing) claimed Apple built CarPlay from the ground up to give drivers a better iOS experience in the car. iPhone users want instant content at their fingertips and CarPlay gives drivers use of ?the iPhone without distractions when driving, TechNews stated.


Take control of your device without having to hold your smartphone. There is a press and hold voice control button on the steering wheel to activate Siri.? If your car has a touchscreen, you are also good to go. The knobs, buttons and dials can also be an alternative to use CarPlay.


CarPlay will not only help you with navigations and getting you to your location but it can also check the traffic conditions and provide your time travel information. It can? also predict where you most likely want to go depending from your email, contact, messages and calendars.

Texting and Calling

Totally hands-free. Siri will help you do all these things, just ask. Siri can definitely send, reply and read for you. You can return calls, make calls and listen to voicemails as well.

In addition to new models planning to work with CarPlay, both Pioneer and Alpine partnered with Apple. Just last week, Google released a plan of its own version of having built-in smartphones in cars. They called it Android Auto.

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