Apple Car To Drive Soon?

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Apple Car to drive soon
Apple Car to drive soon? (artist’s rendition)

Apple has always been known to make seemingly ordinary inventions into innovative upgrades. With the iPod, it was elevating the music experience of the original Walkman, and with the iPhone, it was taking technology further when it comes to telecommunications. Now we might be seeing some exciting new innovations with an Apple Car, as the tech giant is reported to be beefing up their automotive team with hiring of new experts.

A report from Wall Street Journal further speculated the rumors of a future Apple Car when it was revealed that the Tech giant has started hiring automotive experts.

According to WSJ, Apple has hired Doug Betts, a longtime auto industry expert who previously headed up global quality at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Earlier this year, Apple brought on Paul Furgale, an autonomous vehicle researcher in Switzerland, as well as hundreds of others from the auto industry.

Apple Car to drive our roads soon

The Apple Car project, labeled ?Titan? is expected to be the company?s foray in producing an electric car. If these rumors turn out to be true, then Google?s own electric car will be up for some serious competition.

According to Times, the Google car, which has been explicitly discussed by the company, will be self-driving, and prototypes are already roving the streets of Mountain View, Calif. The autonomous cars have so far logged more than 2 million test miles.

Business Insider has also reported that Project Titan is currently being developed at a secretive facility away from Apple’s main Cupertino campus. Apple Insider also says it has found a secretive Apple development facility in the area, which includes an “auto work area” and a “repair garage.”

Apple may also be planning at least part of the car’s manufacturing in Ireland. The company is significantly increasing its presence in Cork, Ireland, where it is planning a massive new factory complex. And a job listing for a managerial role at Apple’s Cork office asks for experience in the “automotive” industry. (It’s worth noting that this alone doesn’t necessarily mean anything ? automotive industrial experience is also prized in other manufacturing industries.)

Aside from this, there seem to be more preparations being done for the Apple automobile?as photos of an Apple vans plying the streets are regularly seen ? a preparation perhaps for strengthening the Titan?s mapping capabilities.

Even with the new rumors however, it might take years before we finally see the Apple vehicle?plying our roads.

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