Apple Campus 2: The Best Office Building In The World?

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The new Apple campus recently made a huge impact after photographer Duncan Sinfield revealed an amazing aerial view of the on-going construction of the new facility. And it seems like Apple Campus 2 might be soon on its way and possibly be completed by next year, according to Fortune.

Sinfield was able to give us a look at some of the development on the elements of the new complex. ?The most recent video, captured by drone, shows progress on the spaceship like main building, the fitness center, parking structures, R&D facility and theater,? ReCode reported.

Here are the details of the incredible new headquarters of Apple according to Fortune:

  • The iconic ring-shaped ?spaceship,? with 2.8 million sq. ft. of office space for 12,000 employees
  • The 1,000-seat underground auditorium
  • The 100,000 sq. ft. fitness center
  • A matched pair of garages with space for 10,980 vehicles
  • 700,000 sq. ft. of solar panels

The $5 billion headquarter should make a lasting impression to everyone working at Apple. ?It?s a little like a spaceship,? Steve Jobs said in his last public appearance, according to Bloomberg. The Apple campus 2 might still have a long way to go before we start to see a clear and crisp view of the whole headquarters.

But Jobs considered it as a facility that will become the best in the world. ?We have a shot,? he said before the Cupertino City Council, ?at building the best office building in the world. I really do think that architecture students will come here to see it.?

Check out the aerial footage of the new Apple Campus below:

What do you think about the plans on the new facility of Apple? Could it be considered as one of the best office building in the world? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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