Apple Already Building up the Hype for the iPhone 8?

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iPhone 8 Hype

Although the iPhone 7 has just been out for two months, many are now talking about the next Apple flagship phone. So far, a lot of people are unified that the new smartphone will be called the iPhone 8.

To date, Apple is yet to make a comment about its next generation smartphone for next year. However, it would seem that the company is already building up the hype for the future phone.

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Recent reports suggest that Apple might be facing difficulties in sourcing parts for next year?s iPhone 8. According to Bloomberg, the current manufacturing capacity for OLED displays is already stretched out. Apple?s decision to move to OLED displays may put additional strain on it already precarious manufacturing state.

Currently, there are four big players in the OLED manufacturing scene. There is Samsung Display, LG Display, Sharp, and Japan Display. So far, Samsung has been rumored to get all of Apple?s OLED orders in 2017.

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The problem does not stop there. Also, according to the same report, the shortage of OLED displays will even extend until 2018. If this happens, Apple will not be able to release the iPhone and iPhone Plus models in OLED. This is perhaps why there have been a lot of rumors saying that Apple will release three models of the iPhone 8 next year. One version for the smaller 4.7-inch and two for the 5.5-inch.

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According to experts, the bigger iPhone 8 will come in two different versions. One of which will be a premium device and will be called the 10th Anniversary iPhone. This premium iPhone will be the one to feature the rumored edge-to-edge curved OLED display.

Apple may not have anything to do with Bloomberg?s report about next year?s OLED shortage. However, this puts the company under the spotlight as more people will think that the premium iPhone will be a limited release. This puts more prestige on the brand thereby generating more interest. More interest means more people would want their hands on the still rumored phone.

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