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Apple iOS Bugs Are Just Too Precious; Affecting iOS 10.3 Jailbreak Tool Release

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iOE 10.3 jailbreak tool affected by bug bounty program

Jailbreaking an iPhone or an iPad is easier said than done. The process is not something someone would just take up in their spare time without much work involved. In fact, it involves meticulous studies and great programming skills to do one. The same thing can be said on the subject matter of iOS 10.3 jailbreak tool.

So far, iOS users are still waiting for the jailbreaking community to release the official tool. Unfortunately, just like what was said earlier, it is easier said than done.

Big-shot white-hat hackers on jailbreaking

In the jailbreaking community, the people who provide hacks or exploits for non-profit purposes are called white-hat hackers. What they do is they scrutinize the systems like iOS and see if they can force their way in while bypassing all the security features.

Once these hackers find a way through, it is either they release the exploit for someone to use and build on, or they build their jailbreaking tool upon it and release the tool itself for free. As mentioned, this is not an easy task. While Luca Todesco, a renowned iOS white-hat hacker, made it look simple, he had quite an experience when it comes to looking for bugs.

Unfortunately, Todesco has already hang his smock and stopped releasing iOS jailbreak tools. The last one he released was for iOS 10.2 and most people right now are looking for an iOS 10.3 jailbreak tool.

iOE 10.3 jailbreak tool affected by bug bounty program

Apple Bug Bounty Program (via

Although Todesco has already said that he will no longer release any jailbreak tool in the future, there are still some white-hat hackers around in the jailbreaking community. Chief of them is Pangu. Sadly, the team has also failed to release a tool for the general public.

The true price for an iOS exploit

Right now, almost everything on the Internet costs money. The advent of hacking, since its early days, have given programmers and hackers alike a chance to earn more by selling their exploits through various bug bounty programs.

Apple, along with Microsoft and Google, is just one of the biggest companies in the world who offer monetary rewards in exchange to discovered bugs. At the moment, Apple offers between $25,000 to $200,000 per bug, depending on severity of the discovered bug. Unfortunately, this strategy is perhaps one of the reasons why white-hat hackers are not releasing their exploits; selling out to major corporations.

To make matters worse, there are other companies and institutions who offer even more compensation for any bug found on iOS.

According to Motherboard, white-hat hackers can earn as much as $1.5 million if a serious bug is sold to the right company. One company in particular is Zerodium, a consortium of highly-skilled hackers who sell and buy zero-day exploits.

What happens when an exploit is sold elsewhere

On the whole, Apple would want to patch vulnerabilities in its systems. Systems like iOS and macOS are not perfect. They have holes or bugs here and there that are prone to being exploited. Once exploited, the attacker can gain full access on the target device leaving it open for surveillance. And this is something some governments, even the U.S., will pay big bucks for.

iOE 10.3 jailbreak tool affected by bug bounty program

A Twitter post showing survey for Bug Bounty Program (via

In the wrong hands, these ios 10.3 jailbreak exploits can be used in many nefarious ways. Some bugs let attackers track a user’s exact location at all times. While others extract data from a target device. That is why institutions like the Federal Bureau of Investigation pay millions just to get a hold of these exploits.

This is where the issue of iOS 10.3 jailbreaking comes in. Probably the main reason why it is still not available is the fact that those white-hat hackers responsible for it have already sold their discoveries to the highest bidder. After all, the market is quite rife and the payout is big enough especially for someone with the right talent to do it.

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