Apple Continues To Hire AR Experts, Possibility Of Releasing Augmented Reality Product High

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Apple CEO Tim Cook

It seems like Apple is also contemplating on entering the world of augmented reality. Recent reports revealed that the tech giant is still in pursuit of AR industry?s leading specialist.

In an interview last week, Tim Cook admitted that between virtual reality and augmented reality, he would chose the latter. Though equally interesting, he much prefer augmented reality as a technology.

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He defended his statement by saying AR ?allows people to be more present and share experiences with each other?. To him, VR or virtual reality is a lot more closed off even though it offers complete immersion experience.

This is probably why the company if much more invested in AR as of late. Last May 2015, Apple bought the AR startup company Metaio. This, in effect, puts the Metaio?s CEO Thomas Alt under Apple?s payroll. Right now, Alt is still employed by Apple although he now heads a different department.

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Last June, Apple hired augmented reality research scientist Yury Petrov. Petrov worked for Oculus for some time and also taught at Northeastern University. He is a specialist in human vision, specifically in head-mounted optics. He is also an expert in brain imaging, mathematical method of signal analysis and processing, and experimental psychology.

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The most recent hire is perhaps that of Zeyu Li. Like Alt, he also worked with an AR startup. Li was involved with Google-backed Magic Leap for about a year before this transition. He is mainly interested in AR and VR, as well as deep machine learning focusing on self-driving vehicles.

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If the rumors hold any grain of truth, consumers could be looking at an Apple-branded AR headset pretty soon. Although, much can be said about the product as it will be in direct competition to already existing ones. Microsoft has its own Hololens, Google with its fabled Glass concept and as mentioned earlier, Magic Leap. Even Snapchat is secretly working on its own AR headset concept.

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