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Apple App Store Suffers Major Malware Attack: Can It Affect You Too?

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Watch out! Apple?s App Store was just attacked by a Malware in China.

Apple?s App Store was hit by a malicious malware attack called XcodeGhost, and it has been confirmed that this is the first large-scale attack on Apple. What the hackers did is they created a counterfeit version of the iOS app developing software and fool users into downloading it. With this, hackers can steal data on affected units such as personal info, etc and send it to the hacker?s servers, the fake app can even send fake notifications into fooling users to provide all of their sensitive information.

Palo Alto Networks; a cybersecurity firm, has analyzed the malware and confirmed that it can trick users in forcing them to reveal their information, the firm also added that the malware can read and alter the information of any affected device, especially the clipboards, where it allows them to see any copied information such as logins and passwords. Prior to the attack, five apps have been reported as malicious on the Apple App Store.

As of this moment, Apple has removed all known malicious apps on the App Store created by the counterfeit software and is already in touch with developers in getting the latest version of Xcode to rebuild their apps. Some of the apps that were affected include Chinese developer TenCent?s WeChat, NetEase?s music downloading app and Didi Kuaidi?s car hailing app and also the business card scanning app CamCard. Which is available outside of China. According to TenCent, the affected WeChat apps were only the old versions (6.2.5) while the latest versions are not affected by the XcodeGhost malware.

Fortunately there were no reports of data theft or leakage of user information despite the massive malware attack. Apple is still cleaning up its iOS App Store to ensure there are no trace of malware left on the store.

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