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Apple and Google Now Rejects Games With the Word “Flappy” in the Title

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The creation and the pullout of the phenomenal game Flappy Bird is similar to singers who were one-hit wonders: shown for a short period of time but was a hit instantly and will be remembered forever.

Obviously, people have not gotten over the game yet. There are still people who consistently try to beat their old scores. There are still people who bet they can beat other people’s scores. Some people still post or tweet screencaps of their highest scores. But the worst kind of hangover in this game goes to people who have not downloaded the game prior to its pullout in the market. There are apparently a LOT of Flappy?Bird games in the market that people are willing to buy. The problem is, these games are fake.


Yep, they are fake. Why? These games (especially the Android ones) were not produced by the game company where it came from and they bring nothing but malware to devices.?People have become victims of this scam and this is probably the best reason why Apple and Google are now rejecting games with the word “flappy” on them.

Apparently, the game can now be found in places it is not usually found: phones on ebay, torrent sites and Apple’s and Google Play’s top sites. What are found on the top site lists? You guessed it correctly, apps with “flappy” in their titles.?If you try to search for the keyword ?flappy? on the App Store, you would be led to a page where it shows all the games (or should I say clones) and their developers ? 81 in total now, and counting ? who are taking advantage of the still strong interest in the game. Games like???Fly Birdie,? ?Ironpants,? “Flappy Penguin,” ?Flappy Bee,? and ?Flappy Plane,? have been downloaded by different people all over the world.


From data gathered by?MobileDevHQ, the IOS?App Store?charts have slowed down in terms of movement. This means that Apple is now limiting the impact of Flappy Bird clones on the market as a whole.

Even if the original game is now deleted from app stores, there?s no shortage of developers creating clones and hoping to make more money than the game’s creator itself.


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