This Apple AirTag case for your wallet ensures you never lose it again

Say goodbye to misplacing your wallet.

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With Nomad's Card for AirTag, you can easily insert your AirTag in your wallet!

  • Never lose your personal belongings anymore
  • Made with durable and tough materials
  • Can protect your Apple AirTag

This is the perfect AirTag accessory for those who keep misplacing their wallets! Introducing the Card for AirTag by Nomad, a credit card shaped AirTag holder that makes it easy and convenient for you to track your wallet (or any personal belongings, really) through Apple’s in-house Find My App.

The Card for AirTag is made with premium materials.

The Card for AirTag is made with a polycarbonate frame that gives the sleeve structure, and it has a soft-touch TPU surface, which ensures the best quality for your items and gadgets. It also makes it easy to insert and remove your AirTag. Plus, it has snap-in AirTag mount geometry. This product is approximately as thick as 10 standard credit cards.

Protect your AirTag with The Card for AirTag.

The Card for AirTag is designed to fit in most wallet credit card slots as it has a slightly smaller outside dimension than a standard credit card. It will also allow you to easily find your wallet through Apple’s AirTag, so you can always keep it safe.

The Card for AirTag is perfect for leather and fabric wallets.

The Card for AirTag is most compatible with wallets made of materials like leather cloth, canvas, or fabric, so you can easily shoot it in the extra slots behind the wallet’s main credit card slots. However, if your wallet is made of a hard shell such as metal or plastic, this may damage your AirTag.