Apple AirPods Release Date Pushed to Spring of 2017?

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Apple AirPods

In September, Tim Cook promised that Apple will start the delivery of the Apple AirPods a few weeks after the unveiling. However, October has come and gone, with November going the same, still no news of the famed wireless earphones.

There were earlier reports that the Apple AirPods will be available in time for this year?s Black Friday. Unfortunately, Cyber Monday is already over and still the AirPods is nowhere to be found.

A few days before the Thanksgiving, another set of rumors started circulating about the famous earphones. According to the said rumors, Apple will release the AirPods by the end of November.

AirPods (via apple.com)

AirPods (via apple.com)

Although November is technically not over yet, a couple of days would probably not make any difference at all. The holiday season is almost over. At this point, it is rather pointless to rush the release of the Apple AirPods.

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A few months back, there have been talks that Apple is having difficulties sourcing the parts for the AirPods. Meanwhile, others put the delay down to technical difficulties in the manufacturing process. Be that as it may, this is probably the longest wait an Apple fan has to endure on a product release.

So far, Apple has been on point when it comes to its product releases. There may be a few weeks of delay. However, those weeks are somewhat acceptable. For instance, the new MacBook Pro 2016 was delayed a couple of weeks from the initial release announcement. Nevertheless, that delay is still within norms in comparison to previous product releases.

The delay on the AirPods has led many to believe that the actual release of the product is being pushed back further. To some estimate, the most believable date of shipping will be sometime in the Spring of 2017.

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For Apple, the delay is an embarrassing one. As mentioned earlier, this is perhaps the longest gap for a product release in the company?s history. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the AirPods will not be welcomed by its adoring fans on its official release. For sure, many are still waiting with bated breath for the day that they actually get their hands on the Apple AirPods.

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