Apple AirPods Sold Like Hotcakes, Next Delivery Date in Early 2017

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Apple AirPods is now available on Apple Store with?a delivery date as early as December 12. However, mere hours after posting, the next delivery date was pushed to January 2017.

For weeks, fans have patiently waited for the Apple AirPods to finally come out in the market. After what seemed like forever, Apple finally made the much-hyped earphones available on its online store. Unfortunately, the availability was somewhat short lived. In fact, it lasted for only a couple of hours before Apple moved the delivery date to early 2017.

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For some, it did feel like a huge disappointment that Apple only made a small initial batch for the AirPods. After all these drama and delay, one would think that Apple would want to keep up with the demand. Nevertheless, only a handful of lucky people will be able to enjoy the wireless earphones before the holidays.

For Apple, the AirPods is just one of its products. Whether the demand is high or not, it will still sell the wireless earphones for $159. However, the same cannot be said for those who managed to grab the first few earphone units. Of course, the law of supply and demand does apply in this case. In fact, with its popularity and low supply, the AirPods is now being sold over eBay for more than $1,500.

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While to most people, this will sound too much, there are still a few who would think of this as a bargain. The prestige of being the first to own something especially from Apple is becoming more like a social status these days.

As mentioned, the much-hyped wireless earphones will become available again next year. Apple is still posting the product as available from its store. However, the delivery date now reads four weeks, and perhaps even more if additional orders continue to come in.

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