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Apple Airpods Reviews From Australia, New Zealand, Canada Pour In; Availability And Release Date News Here

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apple airpods review
Image from Apple website

Apple Airpods reviews poured in after its release date in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. We?ve rounded up some of the best feedback, as well as details about its availability and international rollout.

Launch week rush

Customers lined up hours during Apple Airpods? release date in New Zealand and Australia on Monday, December 19. Deliveries have also rolled out to patrons who placed orders when news of the launch came out months ago.

As expected, supplies have been limited for those who did not pre-order the highly coveted accessory. MacRumors reported that certain retailers received way fewer stocks compared to other outlets.

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Apple Airpods review

Nonetheless, those who were able to make their purchases had good things to say in their respective Apple Airpods reviews.


Image from Apple website

Pleased customers such as MacRumors reader Jason said it was easy to sync and setup the Apple Airpods with his iPhone.

Most of the positive feedback were related to the sound quality. Many shared that the device?s sound was ?a lot better than they expected.? ?The volume can go very loud,? one reviewer praised. Some compared it to the EarPods that were included with iPhone 7 Plus, saying that the Airpods are even more impressive.

The gadget?s snug fit was also commended by early buyers. ?They fit extremely well into my ear and doesn’t feel like they will fall out,? another reviewer wrote.

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Apple Airpods availability, other details

Buyers from Australia, New Zealand, and Canada advised patrons from Asia, the UK and the US to be at Apple retail locations way before stores open. ?It is their best shot at getting a set on opening day,? someone said about the fast-selling device.

After the initial launch week rush, more retail stores are expected to get regular stocks by January 2017. Best Buy and other third-party retailers have also reportedly begun getting their inventories as of today.

MacRumors added that pre-orders in other countries will start arriving early next week. However, those who were unable to place them in advance and are only pre-ordering now will have to wait for up to six weeks. ?

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