Apple AirPods Release Date & Availability; Where to Preorder

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Apple AirPods Release Date
Apple AirPods Release Date

Apple made headlines around the world this year with the news of the iPhone 7 losing the beloved headphone jack, while the new Apple AirPods were simultaneously marketed with the phone. Now the world is still wondering just why we still don?t have the controversial earphones yet. And although the Apple AirPods haven?t been released yet, we can help you preorder them as early as right now.

Apple AirPods Release Date

Many were frustrated with the absence of the much anticipated Apple AirPods. Since their first big reveal, fans have only had the ?currently unavailable? listing show on Apple?s site. ?

The Apple AirPods have had multiple rumors on its possible release date. Many media outlets were pretty sure that it was going to come out last month in November.

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Now the same story is being sung for this month. However, there seems to be more backing now.

We finally have an official Apple retailer give out an official expected shipping date. The Czech Apple retailer has listed that the Apple AirPods may just be shipped in time for the holiday season this December.


Alza, the Czech retailer that gave out the the hopeful shipping date also has another great announcement for us. They?re are officially making the Apple AirPods available for preorder right now!

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What?s surprising is the fact that the AirPods still isn?t available for the Czech Apple Store, but for some reason, Alza is already offering the high anticipated wireless earphones. This leaves many implications.

For one, many are speculating that a world release just may make it before the year ends. And in case the majority don?t get their hands on the AirPods this 2016, it’s a pretty safe bet to expect them first thing January.

However, The Czech Apple store isn?t the first to take preorders for the Apple Airpods. Fnac, a French retailer had also started taking preorders, while telling customers that the earphones will be shipped on November 30.

So far, we still just have speculations on when the Apple AirPods will officially be released. But if you really want to preorder now and hope you get your own AirPods before December ends, then Alza is probably your best bet.

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