Apple Mysteriously Pulls out AirPods Finder App from App Store

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AirPods Finder App

The Apple AirPods have garnered rave reviews from anyone who bought them when they were released a few weeks ago. However, the $159 wireless could prove to be easy to misplace as both earbuds are totally independent of each other. In fact, Apple already had that in mind as it announced its exchange plans for lost units. Nevertheless, not all fans are keen on paying the extra $69 replacement fee from Apple.

Because of this, one ingenious software developer endeavoured an app that helps users to find their lost AirPods. It was quite ingenious in itself and received quite nice reviews from various review website. Unfortunately, that is when everything turned sour. Just mere days after the said reviews cropped up all over the internet, the app was pulled from the Apple App Store. What makes it worse, it was done so without any prior explanation whatsoever.

For the past couple of days, AirPods users have been talking about it over on Reddit. The app developer himself made it public that he was contacted by an Apple agent about the app withdrawal. As it turns out, Apple did not offer any concise explanation as to why it is removing the app from the store. According to Deucks, the app’s developer, the Apple’s App Review Board deemed it inappropriate for the App Store.

Apple AirPods

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The issue got a bit controversial since Deucks’ other applications remain to be on the App Store. Apps for third party devices like “Finder for Fitbit,” “Finder for Misfit,” and “Finder for Jawbone” are still there as of this writing.

All of these applications, including the “Finder for AirPods,” rely on the same Bluetooth signal tracking technique. Although Apple did not elaborate on its reasons, it could be that the company does not want to compromise the AirPods hardware.

However, this does not seem to make sense at all. This is especially true as the app only monitors the signal strength coming from the AirPods’ Bluetooth module. It uses the strength of the radio signal to approximate the distance between the iPhone and the lost earpiece.

Apple has yet to make a formal statement about the issue. Until then, users who have purchased the app can ask for a refund from the Apple Customer service department. Meanwhile, the app’s developer is considering of open-sourcing the application through popular distribution channels like Github.

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