Apple AirPods Facing Technical Problems, Release Date Pushed to January 2017

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For months now, fans of the brand have been waiting with bated breath for Apple to finally release the AirPods. So far, what the company has done is dole out promises saying the wireless earphone are coming soon. It does not help either that Apple?s website itself continues to feature the AirPods in the iPhone?s accessories. Now, rumor has it that Apple will need more time sorting out issues that are plaguing the hyped headsets.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple will require more time to iron out the difficulties on the AirPods. At the moment, the company is having problems with the dual bluetooth connection, AirPods? main feature.

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In a normal circumstance, a pair of wireless earphones will receive the audio signal from one side of the pair. This signal is then retransmitted to the other pair for stereoscopic audio. Unfortunately, like most completely wireless earphones, this presents a dilemma if the main receiving side dies. This will mean that, even with the other side having enough juice, once the main receiver dies out, connection is lost. This is what Apple is trying to solve, according to the WSJ. This would seem that the problem is main firmware instead of hardware.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods (via apple.com)

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The Apple AirPods, unlike the Powerbeats3 and other Apple-branded wireless earphone, is completely wireless. Although they all share the same W1 SoC or processor, the AirPods do not have a wire link between two earphones. As mentioned earlier, this presents a problem if one of the pair?s battery dies out, especially the main receiver. Right now, Apple is sorting out a sort of handoff protocol that relinquishes control of main signal reception. If the main receiver is about to shut down, it should seamlessly transfer control to the other earphone.

Because of this issue, Apple seems to be delaying the release of the AirPods even more. Rumor has it that the purported release now is sometime in January 2017. Which is too bad as the holiday season is once again coming. This would mean that Apple will be missing out on possible sales on the AirPods.

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