Apple AirPods Case Hints At An Initial USB-C Charging Port

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Apple AirPods

There?s a small chance that the iPhone?s AirPods are meant to be refueled via USB-C connection rather than Lightning. This news is making its rounds on the Internet after the product has been made available for the masses. As a matter of fact, various tests and reviews for the Apple AirPods have also surfaced.?What?s the big deal then about the USB-C thing? Read on to know more.

Apple AirPods: Apple?s Initial Plans For Its Design

Apparently, some users were able to notice something on the charging port on the AirPod’s case. While the AirPods are meant to be charged via Lightning cable included in its box, the cutout for the Lightning connector was very similar to a USB-C connection. In this case, Apple might?ve initially intended the use of USB-C on AirPods instead of Lightning.

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In addition, the Lightning cable that has the sole purpose of charging the AirPods doesn?t fit properly into the charging port. In fact, some users have reported that they?re having some difficulties plugging the Lightning cable on the Apple AirPods charging case. This is very unusual for a company that is often very detail oriented with their product design.

Apple AirPods

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Furthermore, it is also possible that AirPods were never intended to charge via USB-C. It could also be?that this is just an error or laziness on Apple?s part. However, it important to realize that despite its delay, the same USB-C cutout was found on the AirPods charging case back in December. Chances are, Apple might?ve had some change of heart and switched the charging connection prior to their announcement.

Apple AirPods: What Should?ve Been Used?

All in all, charging the AirPods via Lightning cable is somehow the right choice. Given that the iPhone charges via Lightning and the iPhone are the main product with which the headphones will be used, it wouldn?t have made sense for them to be charged via USB-C. However, charging it via USB-C connection would?ve been a way to push the new standard slightly on Apple?s part.

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