Some AirPods Cases Shipped with Bad Battery; Drains Faster in Idle Mode, Say Users

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Apple AirPods

It would seem that many electronic gadgets of late suffer from bad or faulty batteries. First, it was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with its exploding battery that resulted in the device getting discontinued. And then there is still that standing issue with the MacBook Pro 2016 battery drains. Now, some Apple AirPods seem to have an issue of self-discharging batteries, according to reports.

A few day-one users of the much hyped wireless earphones were complaining about their AirPods cases battery life. According to some gadget reviews, some AirPods carrying cases experience battery drain even when not in use.

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A user recently posted a thread on Reddit regarding his experience with the Apple AirPods so far. In the post, the user highlighted that he has experienced some battery draining issues with his AiPods charging case. The issue seems to persist even when the unit is not in use, or in storage mode.

Apple AirPods

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According to his post, he left his earphones fully charged before going to bed one night. The following day, when he checked, the charging case seemed to have lost around 20 percent of the charge. He then called the Apple Customer Center to ask about battery longevity on the earphones?but was provided with vague answers. Instead, the user?s AirPods were replaced almost immediately by Apple.

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To date, there are no answers as to why some AirPods charging cases are experiencing odd battery draining issues. Apple also does not have any answer on the matter as well. Instead, it answers oncoming complaints with unit replacements as soon as they arrive.

So far, users have been praising the Apple wireless earphones?and their?performance and usability. The wireless earphones have received quite positive reviews from sites all over the Internet. Apple?s CEO, Tim Cook, even said that they are a runaway hit.

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Whether or not the battery drain issue persists on more units across the entire AirPods population, it is still unclear at the moment. Complaints seem to come in rather sporadically in the last few days.

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