Apple AirPods To Face Tough Competition With Other Upcoming Wireless Headsets

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Apple AirPods

Apple made quite a faux pas when it comes to the AirPods a few weeks ago. After promising fans that it will release the wireless earphones immediately, it then suffered massive delays in doing so.

Now, the much hyped earphones are out and first day buyers already received their units. While the AirPods offer wireless music freedom, it may still be not the best pair of earphones in the market. There are still a few headsets out there that offer the same wireless music playback as the Apple AirPods.

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Earphones normally come in various form factors. The AirPods are what?s known as an in-ear earphones. The same goes for the Powerbeats3 and BeatsX wireless earphones. However, in-ear earphones sometimes suffer from limited range of frequencies due to the size of the audio hardware. For those who are serious about their music would have to opt for earphones with bigger voice coils for better audio performance. This is where on-ear and over-the-ear earphones come to play.


Airphones (via concepter.co)

Introducing the Airphones. A product of a startup company, Concepter, the Airphones offer what the AirPods do not.

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For one, the Airphones are on-ear wireless earphones that offer 12 hours of non-stop audio playback. Just like the AirPods, the Airphones are fully wireless and have native support for Siri. On the plus side, they also work with the Google Assistant right out of the box. And because they are used on-ear, they give little to no pressure on the users? ears.

The Airphones also have noise canceling features for the best music experience. Because the speakers are larger than in-ear earphones, the frequency response will be better as well.

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Another feature of the Airphones is the gesture control that can be used for various applications. Users can skip playback, increase and decrease volume, answer calls and make a quick Siri or Google Assistant query.

The Airphones will be unveiled January 2017 during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. After which, the Airphones will be available in the market around the following month. Apart from the on-ear form factor, the Airphones will also come as over-the-ear wireless headphones.

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