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Apple Acknowledges iMessage Bug, Says A Fix Is Coming Soon

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Apple’s iMessage service

Apple?s iMessage service has been enjoying a lot of attention lately due to problems being experienced by ex-iPhone users who switched to another phone model. The Cupertino-based tech giant has recently admitted that there is indeed a bug causing the problem and issued comments on how they will tackle them.

Speaking to people from Recode, an independent tech news site, an Apple representative said that the company has just fixed a server-side bug that causes the iMessage issue for some users. However, making matters even worse, another server glitch has been discovered which makes the problem significantly harder for them to fix. Apple did not provide specific details about the server glitch.

The system flaw has apparently been present since iMessage?s launch back in 2011. The service is Apple?s alternative to text messages. The system works by intercepting text messages sent from an iOS device to another iOS device and reroutes them to Apple?s own servers instead of sending them through wireless carriers? networks as regular SMS or MMS messages.

The advantages of using this messaging service is that, in bypassing cellphone carrier?s networks, it is able to cut down or avoid text messaging charges. It also gives users the ability to use other Apple devices such as Mac and iPads to access all their messages within the iMessage app.

The problem presents itself when a user decides to leave their iPhone and switch to another handset but keeps the same phone number they used with their iPhone. Apple?s iMessage system is apparently having a hard time which phone numbers are still connected to a particular iPhone. If an ex-iPhone user is to receive a new text message, that message will be rerouted to the now inexistent iPhone thereby disappearing into the servers of Apple. The company is set to address this by incorporating a bug fix in a future software update.

However, some people are not willing to wait. Last week, the tech giant is slapped with a lawsuit by a California woman claiming that the company committed negligence. She is asserting that Apple is allegedly depriving former customers to enjoy the full value of the service being provided by wireless carriers which they already subscribed to and paid for. Apple refused to make any public comment about the case.

Now that a fix is yet to come, Apple advises that if an iMessage user plans to leave their iPhone for another device, they should deactivate their iMessage first by going to the phone?s Settings and uncheck the phone number linked with the messaging service. But for this to work, it should be done before switching to another non-Apple device.


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