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AppGyver Development Platform Expansion Startup Raises $2.5 Million for App

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AppGyver revealed that it successfully raised $2.5 million of the funding round. It was led by Initial Capital, Supercell and with the participation of Finnish venture capital firm Open Ocean Capital. The HTML5 ? centric development platform in building mobile apps has been growing fast since its expansion from basic prototyping app to the fully ? developed Steroids.js last year, said CEO Marko Lehtimaki.

Fast Growing Startup

The company successfully gained about 25, 000 active developers, from the initial thousand users on the platform. Lehtimaki is expecting that it will have over 100, 000 users by the end of this year, given the company?s growth curve. Since then, people have already built over 10, 000 apps on the platform. Ten percent of them are either deployed in enterprises internally or in app stores for public usage.

AppGyver has put its platform stable in place, but the team still went out to search for new funding to capitalize on its impressive growth spurt. Lehtimaki said that Initial Capital immediately understood the idea behind this service. The venture capital firm has invested in various gaming firms and most of them tried to create HTML5 games. Initial Capital, according to Lehtimaki, was also looking for a firm that could conquer the non ? games app market.

Enterprise Experience


AppGyver?s ?other agenda was to look for a firm that has enterprise experience. This brought them to another venture capital, Open Ocean. While this is not the team?s major focus at the moment, Lehtimaki expects the focus to change later this year. This will only be possible once the team has all authentication and security features in place.

The team also plans to utilize the new funding to get more developers. From 8 to 20 employees, AppGyver still wants to double down on the platform?s expansion. They are working on creating a library of supported and maintained plug ? ins, so its developers will no longer encounter problems when integrating the likes of PhoneGap plug ? ins with Steriods.js. Building their own plug ? ins would also support features such as Oauth as well as background GPS access. Another part of the roadmap is Composer, which gives developers great visual interface in quickly making prototype working apps.

AppGyver aims to become the middleware for developers wanting to create their own apps using their services, instead of offering back-end services.

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