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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Release Date and What to Expect From The Android/iOS Game

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If you are a fan of solving mysteries and fighting crime in a ?suit and tie,? then you probably heard of Ace Attorney. Capcom has announced that there is a new addition to their crime solving, court room drama franchise. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is now following the steps of its predecessors in your mobile devices.

In the trailer below of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, you can see that they still have their humorous mix in the storylines. Also, the graphics is much smoother when it comes to its game resolution than the previous ?Ace Attorney? game. But the excitement and solving a crime and defending your piece in court is still as awesome as ever.

According to Destructoid, this fourth installment of the game was supposed to be ?the most divisive (and important) chapter.? Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney was supposed to be the third installment of the game if you would follow the storyline. Finally, players can now put an end to the mystery that is Ace Attorney.

Surprisingly, the release date is sooner than we expected. We would think that after its announcement, there would be a few months or so before the game could finally be released. We even thought that the game would be released around 2017.

Amazingly, the release date is planned before 2016 ends. Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney will be available for iOS on December 1 followed by its Android release which is on December 8. Players can now add this app to their Christmas checklist.

There is still no news with regards to the selling price of the app. If Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney would follow its franchise?s footsteps, then there?s a chance that it could be a free-to-play app.

With the addition of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney to the franchise, players can now complete their set. Along with ?Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney-Dual Destinies?and the upcoming Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, you can now relive the complete courtroom action, drama and comedy.

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