Apollo Box Pool Floats for Adults: Fun Companions for Your Summer Parties

Get ready to party this summer with these fun inflatables.

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Photo: Apollo Box

10 inflatable pool floats you need to get for your summer parties:

  1. Eggplant Float
  2. Ice Cream Pool Float
  3. Giant Inflatable Angel Wings
  4. Pizza Float
  5. Donut Float
  6. Floaty Inflatable Unicorn
  7. Unicorn Drink Floaties
  8. Peacock Float
  9. Swan Float
  10. Flamingo Float

Inflatables are not just for kids; they’re for kids at heart too! If you’re planning an awesome party or getaway this summer, you’ve probably packed your bikinis by now–but don’t forget to pack pool floats, too. Whether you want to chill under the sun or take some time out from all of the drinks you’ve had, these fun and colorful summer essentials are perfect for that. You can even get some for your drinks! Plus, they’re great props for your social media snaps. 😉

Eggplant Float

Photo: Apollo Box

If you and your friends’ favorite emoji is the eggplant emoji, they’ll definitely burst into laughter once they see this eggplant float! It’s a funny conversation starter, which makes it great for parties. But also… you can nap and lounge in it, too.

Ice Cream Float

Photo: Apollo Box

Add Selena Gomez x Blackpink vibes to your party with these ice cream inflatables. Even though you can’t lounge on these floaters, they will still keep you afloat and add a colorful and fun aesthetic to your parties. It measures 35 inches long and comes in three flavors: pink, blue, and purple.

Angel Wings Float

Photo: Apollo Box

Do you want a pool float that lets you lay on your stomach? This angel wings inflatable allows you to bathe under the sun on both sides. Its simplicity makes it a picture-perfect pool float for any of your bikinis as well.

Pizza Raft

Photo: Apollo Box

Call up the squad to grab a slice of this pizza float. It comes with all of your favorite toppings and a stuffed-crust headrest for lounging in the pool. It even has two drink holders and bungee loop connectors that allow you to create a large pizza raft for your and your buddies.

Donut Float

Photo: Apollo Box

This colorful donut float is another great pool float for food lovers. Available in two flavors–strawberry and chocolate – party people will enjoy dunking this giant donut into the pool. At over four feet wide, this whimsical float’s frosting is topped with sprinkles and has a bite mark design for added cuteness.

Giant Unicorn Float

Photo: Apollo Box

This legendary unicorn floater is a must-have. Featuring a flowing rainbow-colored mane and tail and a golden unicorn horn to complete your swimming parties. Get ready for magical times as this giant inflatable unicorn is perfect for leisurely floating or playing in the water, thanks to its built-in handles on the neck.

Unicorn Drink Floaties

Photo: Apollo Box

If you’re getting a unicorn float for yourself, you might as well get some for your drinks too. These unicorn drink floaties are great because they can actually keep drinks afloat without tipping over. They’re the perfect companions for those lazy summer days.

Peacock Float

Photo: Apollo Box

Not much of a unicorn person? Check out this handsome peacock float. This adult-sized float is made of high-quality PVC fabric and will add a splash of fun to your next pool party. Measuring 6.23 feet long, it’s equipped with high-capacity valves for quick inflation so you can get the party started right away.

Swan Float

Photo: Apollo Box

Another party animal has joined the conversation. This graceful inflatable swan has a giant 6-feet base for stability and can hold up to 180 pounds, making it safe for both kids and adults. It also has two built-in handles on its neck for a better grip.

Flamingo Float

Photo: Apollo Box

This pretty flamingo float is for pink lovers. Also safe for kids and adults with two built-in handles on its neck, this giant inflatable is available in two sizes: 4.9 feet and 6.2 feet.

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