APB Reloaded PS4 Release Is An Unplayable Mess

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apb reloaded
APB Reloaded is not good. [Image from Gamers First]

APB Reloaded came out on March 31 for the PS4 and it is an unplayable mess that could turn off any gamer. Many have pointed out that the game runs at a pitiful 10FPS, which is as bad as it gets. If anything, it should be enough for fans to appreciate games they thought ran badly, until this title came out.

Fans on the game’s subreddit has angrily mocked the poor frame-rate performance, though some still think the game is fun. Others have sarcastically thanked the game for making them appreciate Mass Effect Andromeda, which is flawed, but isn’t as bad. It’s clear that the developers need to make this game run better, or it will continue being a poorly performed mess.

APB Needs More Reloading

Promising a more chaotic version of GTA Online, APB Reloaded has potential to be a popular online game. Letting players choose between being a licensed vigilante or a criminal has plenty of potential for chaotic online madness. Maybe an update will help ease all of this, but for now, the game is a mess with some of the worst frame-rate to date.

What makes this worse is the Xbox One version launched launched on June 2016 with the same terrible performance. It’s not yet clear if the Xbox One version has been fixed, since the title hasn’t been a hot topic after it’s poor debut. One thing worth noting is that the game is still in its 30 day soft-launching for Ps4, so the actual release of the PS4 version could be better.

Future Fixes Coming?

The APB Reloaded Twitter has sent out Tweets regarding some fixes, but none of them refer to the frame-rate issues. Since the developers have handled other issues, it wouldn’t be impossible to assume that they will fix this one. It’s a major hindrance that has resulted in a lot of fans not having fun with the game, which is a lose-lose situation.

One could argue that it’s a free-to-play game, so issues like this are expected, but that’s no excuse. Since online play is such a big deal these days, developers should make sure that their net code is good. This is really important, especially if the game is online-only like this one, otherwise no one is having any fun.

APB Reloaded can be downloaded now for free, but players probably shouldn’t get it on PS4. The online title is also available on the Xbox One and Windows PC, where it probably runs much better.

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