Did Anyone Win ?American Ninja Warrior?? Watch Replay Highlights of Drew, Daniel, Jessie & The Finalists

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America Ninja Warrior Finale
America Ninja Warrior Winner

NBC?s obstacle course competition American Ninja Warrior (ANW) concluded Monday with a surprising end for its Season 8 Finale. Some 17 athletes were competing in the finale for the $1 million prize and the title of American Ninja Warrior. The fans searching for the results and winner of the show, however, will be disappointed to learn that no one was able to conquer Mount Midoriyama.

The Season 8 Finale saw the finalists tackling the last three stages of the show in Las Vegas. ANW began with the second stage of the contest which included the giant ring swing, down-up salmon ladder, wave runner, and the wall flip. The second stage turned out to be a near-impossible hurdle for majority of the athletes as only two of the 17 made it to the next level.

Unofficial Winner

Drew Dreschel, 27, of Fairfield, Conn., and Daniel Gil, 23, of Houston were the only ones to make it through Stage 2, but still failed to conquer Stage 3, thus no one reached Stage 4. Stage 3 was packed with one difficult obstacle after another.

Dreschel and Gil needed to get past the Keylock Hang, Floating Boards, Ultimate Cliffhanger, Curved Body Prop, Hang Climb, the new Walking Bar and then the Flying Bar. Dreschel, who was facing the same course for the second time, was defeated by the Hang Climb. This is the same hurdle that cost him his victory in 2015. Gil didn?t make it as far as his fellow-competitor as he slipped off the Cliffhanger.

With no competitor making it to Stage 4, American Ninja Warrior has no official winner. However, since Dreschel made it farthest among the last remaining contestants, he is considered the unofficial winner.

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What about Jessie Graff?

Jessie Graff was the first female in ANW history to make it to Stage 2 in Vegas. The 32-year-old stunt woman?s dream ended after losing her grip on the Wave Runner, the third obstacle. Still, Graff had a pretty impressive run this season and got farther than most of her male counterparts.

For more details and replays of the ANW Season 8 Finale, head to the official YouTube channel to watch the run of other athletes. The official ANW page on the NBC website also has exclusive clips as well as full episode runs for those interested to catch the entire Season 8.

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