AnTuTu Declares the Fastest Smartphone Processor of 2016

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Smartphone users are very particular about specs. But sometimes it isn?t really about the numbers on the spec sheet, but the performance it actually does in the real world. Some don?t really care about the numbers and just base it on their level of comfort. However, there are people who actually look at those numbers and compare. Those are the smartphone enthusiasts. But what makes a smartphone fast?

The processor is like the smartphone?s brain. The numbers (gigahertz) are normally translated as to how fast the processor is. The higher the number, the better it performs. However, it?s not always the higher number. Processors (like the human brain) have different capacities. For humans, we use the IQ tests, for smartphones we have benchmarks like Antutu.

The Mobile World Congress is the best venue to test all the best players in the smartphone market. We have a lot of participants; the big players are usually Qualcomm, Samsung and Apple. They have put their best flagships on the table and tested which one has the best top of the line chip.

The top chip has been decided but of course as we?ve said earlier, it doesn?t always translate to daily use. This translates towards single-core performance but is still a good measure of performance nonetheless. Thanks to, we now have the list of the best performing processing chips as of writing.

As you can clearly see Qualcomm?s Snapdragon 820 dominated the competition, capping at the highest average of 136,383. This is the chip powering a lot of high-end phones like the Samsung S7, Xiaomi Mi5, Sony Xperia X and LG G5. It is as you can see a very in-demand processor and we can now clearly see why.

Apple?s A9 wasn?t slacking too coming at a close second with 132,657 points in the test. This is the same processing chip powering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.



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