Anthony Weiner Sex Scandal: Is Sexting Legal? How To Know If Other Party Is Underage?

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The Anthony Weiner sex scandal?saga continues as new information surfaces about him sexting with a 15 year-old girl. The relationship started last January while she was a sophomore in high school. Anthony Weiner was also with his wife then?Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton?s closest aide and vice-chair of her campaign. The relationship lasted several months and Abedin had separated from Wiener after a different scandal appeared in the news.

This new Anthony Weiner sex?scandal that hit the net right after the troubled 15 year-old kid came forward to Daily Mail. This was right after Daily Mail had reached out to her family earlier this month upon getting information of their relationship. The girl feels that the relationship was consensual so she will not press charges against Weiner.

Her father did not contact authorities as not to worsen her ongoing mental issues.

Minor Instigates Contact

Anthony Weiner has been known for his sexting scandals. This interested the 15 year-old girl whose identity is kept secret as she is a minor. She contacted Wiener on January 23, 2016?making?first contact. The minor revealed?that she was interested in politics and about Weiner?s sexting scandals and that she was curious about him. She adds that it wasn?t just curiosity. It was obsession.

Their conversations started out as small talk but escalated to one that has sexual overtones. Sometimes, they were very explicit. There wasn?t also any doubt that Weiner knew she was a minor. Weiner asked her where she went to school and she told him the high school she went to.

They use various apps and Weiner used various screen names like ?T-Dog? and ?Carlos Danger?.

Then on the relationship escalated to where Weiner sent her shirtless photos. They also were engaged in small talk but Weiner seemed to steer the conversation to sex. He even sent her pornographic videos. The timeline of the relationship and their conversations were pieced together by Daily Mail. You can find their detailed work on the?Anthony Weiner sex scandal?here.

Sexting Laws and Child Pornography

In this particular Weiner case, it was the teen that instigated the contact. New York law on the other hand makes it a crime to persuade a person younger than 17 to post sexual or nude images. Fox News added that it is a crime to disseminate indecent material to a minor. These are things that Anthony Weiner did.

If you are a parent interested in resources about sexting and child pornography laws in New York, this quick reference guide from is pretty helpful. For other states, scroll down on this page and choose your state.

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