Anthony Bourdain MMA Wife Split: A Look Back On Their ‘Weird’ Relationship

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News of the Anthony Bourdain MMA Wife split came pouring as apparently the couple has amicably separated after nine years of marriage. This came as a surprise as?Ottavia Bourdain?recently posted on Instagram congratulating Anthony Bourdain for winning an Emmy. There wasn’t any sign of separation. This came out as a surprise.?

Instagram Posts

Huge congrats to @anthonybourdain and the whole @zpzproduction crew for once again winning an Emmy for Outstanding Informational Series or Special last night!!!

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The split seems to be amicable as both are spotted in Ottavia?s Instagram with such posts like these below.

Come at me bro! ?@jeffreyschu

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Practicing his chilling skillz #chillersmakekillers

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Yup, it happened, I put on a gi today! Thanks @lucaslepri for the great training! ? @jeffreyschu

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Many would chuck the whole thing up to Jiu-jitsu. It?s like their family affair that Anthony is not really up to it so much as Ottavia. Their daughter also joins them in practice. This may have been one of the reasons that the couple split. The split could not have been brought about by Jiu-jitsu. Anthony Bourdain has looked pretty good in this Jiu-jitsu match featured in the video below.

It maybe just that both are taking on two different directions in life. Their relationship did not start out as conventional as they come.

Unconventional Relationship

Anthony Bourdain and Ottavia Busia met in the restaurant business. Eric Ripert, another famous chef, had introduced both of them as he thinks they are a good match. Their first date was in a cigar bar as pointed out by People. The two hit it off and all seemed great.

Ottavia?ultimately struggled with Anthony Bourdain’s?insane schedule that takes him more often away from home. This was more so when Bourdain’s celebrity increased.?She revealed that she once woke up in the middle of the night terrified as someone was in her bed. She found out that that someone was her husband. She did not even know that he was home. This schedule may have strained their relationship.

Ottavia took on kickboxing to get fit again. This was after their daughter Ariane was born. This escalated to Jiu-jitsu and then she dropped her habits that brought her and Anthony together as pointed out by People.

Bourdain also?does jiu-jitsu. He is more of a?dabbler though. Ottavia is a serious competitor. Ottavia revealed on Lenny Letter that Bourdain half-jokes about thinking that he married Sophia Loren but instead got Jean-Claude Van Damme. Ottavia revealed that there was something to those jokes but, however, she is a different person than when they met.

The strain of going two directions at the same time might have cost them their relationship so this might be the best way for both individuals to go on with their lives. It?s only great though that the Anthony Bourdain MMA wife split?was an amicable split. Ottavia was quoted to have said that ?We love each other. We respect the decisions the other has made. And we?ll always consider ourselves a family.??

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