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Anthem Vs Destiny 2: Similarities And Differences Of The Two Loot-Based Shooters

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A Freelancer In Anthem
A Freelancer In Anthem [Image Captured From Anthem Gameplay Trailer]

One of the biggest stars of the recently concluded E3 is Bioware’s surprise for gamers called Anthem. The brand new title from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age developer wowed the E3 audience and gamers around the world but somehow, the game feels rather familiar. Many are comparing Bioware’s Anthem to Bungie’s Destiny 2.

It’s obvious that there are quite a few similarities between Anthem and Bungie’s Destiny 2 and players are quick to point out all the similarities of the two sci-fi shooters. Even EA seems to have been inspired by Destiny, as EA said they are also planning a 10-year journey with Bioware’s new IP. While both titles are looking rather amazing in their own ways, it’s best to discern how similar the two games really are.

All The Same

From the get-go, the most obvious similarity between the two titles is that both are sci-fi themed. Both titles tell the tale of a group of elite individuals who are the last hope of their kind. In the case of Destiny, the elite group are the Guardians and in Anthem, this role falls to the soldiers for hire group called the Freelancers.

There are also similarities in the plot as well. In Destiny, Bungie tells the tale of the struggle against a powerful foe. Guardians are forced to stay in a last bastion called The Tower in the first game but since it was destroyed prior to the events of Destiny 2, the home of the Guardians is now in the European Dead Zone.

In Anthem, the last of humankind live in centralized hubs that are protected from the outside dangers with a huge wall. Outside the walls are monsters, which the Freelancers are often tasked with killing. Freelancers need to accomplish various tasks to ensure the survival of humanity.

Gameplay-wise, both shooters are going to force players to grind their way for better equipment. The Freelancers in Anthem can be equipped with a variety of weapons and equipment to make battles a little easier. Players of both titles are going to set out for rare weapons above all things.

Like the Guardians, Freelancers are able to use special abilities as well. The abilities of the Freelancers won’t come from their race or their class though as their Javelin suit will be the source of their powers. This suit also allows diving underwater, flying and more.

Both shooters also offer up a single-player and cooperative experience for everyone. In both titles, players can help each other to make daunting tasks easier.

All Differences

Despite all the similarities, there are still a few differences between Anthem and Destiny 2. It looks like Bioware made the title to compete with Bungie’s Destiny, but the developer still introduced features unique to its third-person shooter.

For starters, the biggest difference between the two titles is the explorable world. Anthem provides players with a huge open-world that can be explored through flight thanks to the Javelin suit. We’ve yet to know just how big the world is but it looks like Destiny 2 will have the smaller areas for players to explore.

In Destiny, players can go to different areas through a set of accessible menus. Exploration is very limited. Whereas in Anthem, players can seamlessly jump into the world. Destiny wins in variety though as there are several planets to explore whereas in Anthem, players are limited to one world only. There may be a variety of areas to explore in Anhem but for now, we got to see a lush forest area.

Another key difference between the two titles is that Anthem is focused on a third-person perspective where Destiny 2 is played mostly in first-person. Since we’ve only seen a few minutes of the gameplay of Anthem, there might be more differences we’ve yet to see.

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