Ant-Man Movie Review: A Small Hero With A Big Hit

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Ant-Man Movie Review

It is no secret that Marvel has an uncanny ability to turn any of their comic books into blockbuster hits. Marvel?s long and thoroughly planned cinematic universe has spawned human-turned heroes, gods, and even pure blooded aliens with their Guardians of The Galaxy. But they all have one thing in common. Names alone like ?Iron Man?, ?The Hulk?, and ?Captain America? all sounds ?Kickass? and can strike fear into their enemies. Marvel?s latest superhero flick ?Ant-Man? is surprisingly no different? so don?t underestimate his size and him!

Ant-Man?whose superpower involves turning himself to become as small as an ant might sound weird and weak for a blockbuster movie? but the mere act of seeing Ant-Man reduce his size to an ant ? so he could dodge bullets and lasers? then revert back to his original form to deliver a beat down to his opponent is a spectacular feat that you have to see in person to appreciate.

As long as you?re okay with hearing a couple of curse words, Ant-Man is a great movie to plan the weekend with your family as it packs the most comedy in Marvel as of late and is the least darkest story of Marvel that they have recently released.

Your Regular Guy

Ant-Man tells the story of Scott Lang, a normal guy, with a normal daughter, who is in a divorced and broken-family situation, but is a talented crook who can steal anyone?s property without anyone knowing. Actor Paul Rudd plays Scott Lang?s character wonderfully well, jerking in jokes every now and then. He makes Lang feel the most human from all the movies Marvel has released so far.

A heave of well-realized supporting characters also breathe life into Ant-Man?s story, particularly Michael Pena who steals the show by acing his role as a member ?of Scott Lang?s team and inducing the flick with comic-relief. Michael Douglas does a good job of being Lang?s mentor as Hank Pym, a character Marvel fans may know as he is a member of the original Avengers and the creator of Ultron, who in the movie is a former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D ?and developed the Pym Particles that can make Ant-Man?s transformation possible with the suit he created.

I wish I could say the same; however, with Marvel?s antagonist. Just like every Marvel movie has released, their main villain?s story isn?t fully fleshed and lacks character. Corey Stoll, who portrays Darren Cross as the main villain dawning the Yellowjacket, wasn?t given enough screen-time to engage audiences with his struggle. But if you?re just looking for a flick with satisfying action sequences and a chunk-filled comedy to entertain you, Ant-Man will satisfy your Marvel craving unless you are looking for deep and interesting villains like in the Batman movies that recently proved their villains are good enough to make a standalone movie filled with villains.

Comedy-filled Super Hero Movie

You might have read that I said word comedy numerous times in this review. Ant-Man is a successful Payton Reed movie, a man who has drama movies like Yes Man and The Breakup under his belt. Not all punch lines will get you lauging, but when it does, Ant-Man makes you laugh in succession as he makes viewers wander back and forth in making audiences marvel at the action sequences or both at the same time. If you thought the trailer was funny, the film includes five times more of it as it pokes fun at the micro-sized action of Ant-Man.

Ant-Man will get Marvel fans geeking-out as it references the feats of the Avengers numerous times? throughout the movie, as opposed to others that just shows how the story ties in with the Marvel Cinematic Universe at the end-credit-scene. Ant-Man also doesn?t content itself with references as the film pits Ant-Man in a satisfying brawl with an Avenger. After watching the film, I had sincere respect with Ant-Man and I am excited for the things he will do when he gets paired with the other heroes in Captain America: Civil War which will release next year.

Feeling The Small World Of Ants

Ant-Man?s fight scenes and sequences are truly great. The first time Ant-Man dawns the suit however is a let-down as the film tries to make viewers feel overwhelmed with the feeling of being as small as an ant, but eventually fails as it shoves-down so many sequences that lacks impact.

The rest of the scenes however are amazing especially the fight scene between Ant-Man and the Yellow Jacket as they equally fight one another (except the fact that Yellowjacket has lasers) as they both revert back and forth in their sizes to outfight one another. While both characters can shrink in size, Ant-Man has discs that can enlarge objects and it surely will get you laughing as it increases everyday objects in size.

?Ant-Man may be small in size but the feats he can do isn?t.

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