Ant-Man 2 Rumors: The Wasp To Get More Exposure? Also To Appear In ?Captain America: Civil War??

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More and more thrilling superheroes are added to the mix of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as it grows into an overwhelming world where shouldn?t bother to come. The recent hit Ant-Man movie starring Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lily collected a lot of mixed reviews which in turn should make them keep an open mind in creating a sequel or take the characters to another part of the MCU. Evangeline Lilly recently went to social media and asked the fans about what they thought about Ant-Man, engaging a lot of subjects including what would happen to the future of the Ant-Man franchise.

Post-credits explanation

During the end part of the movie, Ant-Man gave fans a slight taste of what was to come in the next bit of the film. In the post-credits scene, Hank Pym introduced to his daughter a net generation suit which appeared to be a wasp-like figure. He explains the suit he and his wife were working on was destined to be worn by their daughter.

This would imply that the suit Hank Pym made would eventually be given to Hope that would make her the Wasp. Regarding where we?ll see the Wasp suit is another story. Speculations have been popping up on social media on where the Wasp would end up. But Evangeline Lilly eventually answered some of the fans questions regarding the superhero, even stipulating that Marvel have even started measuring the actress for the costume during a Q&A on Facebook, according to Slashfilm.com.

The Wasp

With the topic of Hope joining the band of Marvel superheroes, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was also curious at the idea of discussing the Wasp. ?It?s going to be fun to see Hope for the first time, put that suit on and go out with Scott. We didn?t it to become just a moment amongst moments,? Feige shared in an interview with CinemaBlend. ?So whether we actually get to see it in a standalone ?Ant-Man 2? film, or as a larger part of a future film, we?re still figuring that out.?

A clear path for the first appearance of the Wasp is to join Marvel?s awesome superhero crossover movie ?Captain America: Civil War.? Although the movie has already too much superhero for every Marvel character to stand out, the Wasp is still an essential part of the MCU with regards to the comics. One thing is for sure though; the Marvel universe is going to get a lot more exciting.

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