Ant-Man 2 Release Date And News: Leaked Videos Of First Movie Show Deleted Scenes Pointing To Iron Man 4? Villain Used To Be Good? Other Details Revealed

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Marvel?s release of The Ant-Man on digital HD platform has revealed exclusive new scenes that point out the plot of future Marvel movies.
One of the deleted scenes of Ant-Man points the apparent Iron Man 4 plot according to CinemaBlend.?The deleted scene shows Darren Cross selling his idea of shrinking technology to several people in the room, one of whom bears a prominent tattoo. The tattoo is linked with the 10 Rings the criminal organization responsible for kidnapping Iron Man in the first movie. The Marvel it seems it teasing the fans with the possible clue to the plot of next movie. The organization is controlled by Mandarin according to the comic books but the character was proved as a fraud in the Iron Man 3. However it is expected that the real villain may show up in the next installment of the movie.
Another video revealed to MoviePolit shows the good side of the antagonist Darren Cross portrayed ?by Corey Stoll that was cut from the original movie. The video shows Darren Cross showing the benefits of the shrinking technology to save the world by employing it in medical science or solving world environment problems through shrinking the wastes. It revealed the good side of Cross who in movie tries to sell the technology as a military weapon.
The bonus feature of digital movie will include full movie commentary by Paul Rudd and director Peyton Reed as reported by?ComicBook.There are tons of extended scenes and bonus scenes some of which show Scott Lang/Ant-Man portrayed by Paul Rudd playing with the Ant-Man suit and gambling. There are some dancing scenes of Paul Rudd that happened during the shooting on the sets.
Marvel Studios has confirmed a sequel to the Ant-Man movie titled Ant-Man and the Wasp which is scheduled to release on July 6, 2018 with Paul Rudd and Evangeline Lilly reprising their roles. Marvel’s Ant-Man will be available on Blu Ray and DVD by December 8 packed with the extras and deleted scenes.

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