Ant Man 2 Release Confirmed, Marvel fans to expect The Wasp

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Ant Man 2

After Ant Man?s success without tying itself to the Avengers, we finally got an Ant Man 2?release date. Supposedly, Ant Man was not supposed to get a second movie until after some time, but due to the success, Marvel changed its?mind.

See Scott Lang shrink, grow, and be a giant courtesy of the Ant Man technology once more on the initial date of July 6, 2018. But since it?s Marvel, it may either be delayed or released early.

The Ant Man 2 Release will not be entitled ?Ant Man 2?

The Ant Man 2 Release title is Ant-Man and the Wasp. Marvel may not have said anything official about the movie yet, but it?s safe to assume that we will be seeing the Wasp in action.

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Paul Rudd will be returning as Scott Lang after his appearance in Captain America: Civil War. Evangeline Lilly as Hope van Dyne has also confirmed that she will be returning for the second movie.

Additionally, crowd and fan favorite, Michael Pe?a will also reportedly return as Luis in the Ant Man 2 release.

Ant Man 2

The basis behind the Ant Man Technology

The idea and technology of shrinking a man to ant size has science concerning it, specifically, quantum physics, according to Dr. Spiros Michalakis. Michalakis, of the California Institute of Technology, says the idea comes from a field in quantum physics where there?s potential to create smaller atoms.

The super human strength portrayed in the movie however, is not true according to the scientist. If we can shrink to ant size, we would be really strong for the size of an ant, but not stronger than a normal human. Science might be right, but we may get a different explanation after we see the Ant Man 2 release.

The effect of the Ant Man 2 Release

According to CinemaBlend, Marvel?s Phase 3 plans will shift because of the Ant Man 2 Release. The Ant Man 2 Release date was supposed to be for Black Panther, which Marvel now says will open up February 16, 2018.

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The Black Panther movie now gets released ahead of the first The Avengers: Infinity War- Part 1 which makes more sense, in a narrative way.

Sadly, an Ant Man 2 Release trailer has not yet been announced and the movie will start shooting this early 2017. However, we will soon get to see a teaser trailer and finally get a hint on the Ant Man technology secret. For now, let?s enjoy Marvel?s upcoming movies Spider-Man: Homecoming in July and Thor: Ragnarok in October.

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