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Yet Another Truth About Android Rooting

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Yesterday, we discussed how Android Rooting will help you make the most out of your Android experience. In spite of the fact that we have provided you with nothing but the truths about its positive side, we ?would not obscure the fact that Android Rooting also has its negative side. Thus, living with its stature of being your one-stop shop in all things techie, we provide you yet another truth about Android Rooting.

downloadAndroid Rooting is not an official program of the Android Technology. Perhaps, only a group of computer experts have decoded the process on how we can personally change the settings of our Android gadgets. And since Android is not liable of anything about Android Rooting, we cannot ?blame anyone if anything goes wrong along the process. Although there are a lot of online resources that can help us out in case anything goes wrong, we cannot assure the validity, accuracy and effectiveness of their self-formulated solutions. None of these people are officially from Android, their solutions might only come secondhand from their own experience or their own formulation. In short, Android Rooting is a great risk.

One of the most common problems that Android Rooting may cause will be a problem to its internal memory capacity. Although we have exacerbated on the fact that Android Rooting is about making the most out of your Android gadgets’ internal memory, we have to admit that it is also where the problem mostly comes in. When we keep on rooting our Android gadget it tantamount to reverting our Android gadget repeatedly. Android might have a problem with its system which may cause an unwanted discrepancy on our internal memory storage. It may read that our gadgets do not have enough memory to accommodate other applications while in fact you have deleted all the pre-installed applications in it.100_3223-220x146

Lastly, and perhaps the worst of all, is that once we root our Android Gadgets, it will nullify their official warranty. Since we have changed its system internally, we are the only ones liable in case anything goes wrong. Again, making Android Rooting a great risk.

Indeed, Android Rooting seems to be easy and efficient… somehow. But we should only root our Android gadgets if and only if we really know how it works and if we are ready to face the possible consequences of our actions.

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