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Another Microsoft Surface Phone To Be Released In October?

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Microsoft Surface Phone

Microsoft is unveiling another Surface Phone in October.

According to News Independent, a new Microsoft Surface phone will be stealing the show in October. The Surface Pro 5 and the Surface Book 2 will also be seen on the same platform. The phone is exclusively designed for business class customers.

DDN says Microsoft CMO, Chris Capossela has told that Microsoft phones must take the ?spiritual equivalent? of the Surface series devices. The upcoming Surface Phone will be packing awesome features. There will be a 6-8GB of RAM and internal storage up to 500GB of internal storage. In terms of functioning efficiency, the phone can match the computer. It will pack the Continuum feature, USB Type-C connectivity. The buyer will find liquid cooling technology. It e will run ?Windows 10 Mobile OS.

Microsoft Surface Phone: A High-End Device?

NASDAQ says the upcoming Surface Book will be too expensive. It may be a phablet competing with other major brands with the costly price tag. Microsoft Lumia series is not doing great in terms of sales. ?There is approximately 49% fall in the sales. So, the brand is releasing the Surface phone with a lot of expectations. It’s also reported that the Surface phone will do the functions of both smartphone and computer.

The phone will include ?Microsoft Hello as its security features, according to Youth Health Mag. The Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book, the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 550 were also unveiled in October. Christian Today has reported that the upcoming Surface Phone will be a small version of the Surface Pro 4. The Surface Phone will be running the full Windows 10 version. Windows-run ?phones are having only 1.7 percent in the worldwide mobile market. Will Surface Phone help Microsoft to dominate the handset market?

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