‘Anonymous’ Hacking Activities Continue To Plague AlDub Nation: Know The People Behind The Incident

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Anonymous Philippines, the alleged hacker group that took over some of Maine Mendoza?s social media accounts, apologized to the actress and her fans after almost a day of posting messages last Tuesday.

Today, the hacking activity seems to continue, and this time, hackers are targeting some of their fan group sites. Is Anonymous Philippines still behind these activities? There are accounts revealed who are the alleged ?members? of the group, although these have not yet been confirmed.

But what is Anonymous? And why are they involved in these activities?

Anonymous group

The supposed group of ?hacktivists? calling themselves Anonymous Philippines previously tweeted on Yaya Dub?s Twitter account to promote the anti-corruption protest ?Million Mask March,? which is a protest movement around the world annually held by the group that will be held on Thursday.

The group of hackers that were responsible for taking over Yaya Dub?s account is part of a bigger group who also go by the same label, Anonymous. They are an international activist group ?which has rallied supporters in over 20 countries globally against internet censorship and government corruption,? posted by Mashable.


The Twitter account of Maine Mendoza was eventually returned but her Facebook account is still deactivated and she still has no access to her email account.


After returning the account, Anonymous Philippines posted in their Facebook page a statement expressing their apology and true intent for hacking:

?Dear fans of Aldub, we sincerely apologize for the recent intrusion of your beloved Idol?s Twitter account. You can rest assure that we don?t have any malicious intent towards the said individual or any programs pertaining to that person. We just wanted to send a message to the public, and using Maine?s account is one of the easiest way we could find. Rest assured that we are doing our best to contact the respectful owner of the said twitter account with the purpose of giving them back their access.?

Anonymous Philippines then stated in their Facebook post that they will be expecting a number of negative comments. ?But sometimes, you must give a sacrifice for the cause,? they added.

Recently, the international hacker group Anonymous was allegedly able to claim the list of the members of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), an extremist group promoting ?white supremacy.? The list is said to have over 1,000 supposed KKK members and will be divulges on Thursday?s ?Million Mask March.?

Aside from Maine?s hacking incident, there are also a number of prominent internet security breach recorded this year, the biggest of which is the hacking of the adultery site, Ashley Madison which exposed millions of users involved in extra-marital affairs.


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