Anne Frank Facts: New Theory Suggests She Was Found By Chance, Not Betrayed

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A new study by Amsterdam?s Anne Frank House Museum found no proof that Anne Frank was betrayed. The Jewish teenage and seven other Jews may have been found by chance during the World War II.?Will these Anne Frank facts?ever get straightened out?

Anne Frank Facts in History

Historians have long believed that Frank may have been turned over to the Nazis by someone who knew her. It then begs the question, ?Who betrayed Anne Frank?? But it looks like there is no answer to this question. The Nazis may have learned about Frank?s hiding place by accident on August 4, 1944.

There is a new theory that the Sicherheitsdienst or SD did not intend to hunt for Jews the day they found Frank. Perhaps they have found her and her family in hiding while investigating a different matter.

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Who Betrayed Anne Frank?

The study learned that two men who worked in the commercial building where the Frank family stayed were arrested. They were dealing fake coupons on the black market. Some people are now looking into the possibility that the men?s arrest led to the round-up of the Frank family.

Frank passed away in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in February 1945. She died at a young age of 15. The only family member that made it through the camps was her father, Otto.

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Otto returned to their hiding place when the war was over. That was when he discovered his daughter?s journal. The aforementioned writing was printed as ?The Diary of a Young Girl? in 1952. It tells Frank?s heartbreaking account of her life while she and her family were trying to hide.

The journal turned Frank into an worldwide icon. ?The Diary of a Young Girl? was translated into 67 languages. It was not specifically mentioned in Frank?s journal how she and her family were discovered. And so theories about the matter are endless and the young girl?s story lives on.

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