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Anison fitness

A Japanese publisher and Kanagawa-based entertainment company has introduced a new fabulous way for workout. Both companies teamed up to launch a new project called Anison Fitness. The project Anison Fitness is a workout program which uses popular anime songs.

Working out with some of the most popular anime song is the best way to make your day. The program offers various interesting features and it is effectively supervised by the experts. Let?s discover how you can enjoy your daily workout with Anison Fitness.

Enjoy your workout with Anison Fitness

Anison fitness is a TV program produced by King records and Kayac. The program used some of the world famous anime songs like Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis which is translated as A Cruel Angel’s Thesis and many other songs.

A TV program titled “Anison Fitness A-fit” is ready to be premiered on Tokyo MX and Sun TV on January 11, 2017. The project has 12 episodes and the five minute series which will complete the full session with ?Zankoku na Tenshi no Thesis,? as per Crunchyroll.

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Anison Fitness

Takahashi as the Choreographer in Anison Fitness

There are many professionals who have contributed to making the workout program more fascinating and enjoyable for the people. It?s not like the boring exercises which only includes sweating and stress. Anison fitness includes encouraging anime songs which are considered the best way to uplift your mood.

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Nobuhiko Eda executed the program. Nobuhiko is working as an assistant professor at Faculty of Sports Science in Waseda University. Meanwhile, a 46-year-old musician and instructor choreographed the workout. His name is Gou Takahashi and he?is the younger brother of eminent singer Yoko Takahashi .

Besides the supervisor and instructor, the program will also feature a 17-year-old CG character which was voiced by several voice actresses including a 23-year-old anime voice actress Yuuki Takada, and Yakko from ?Girl Dance Until Q?ulle Membr.?

Watch the Teaser of Anison Fitness here.

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